DPU IVF & Endoscopy Centre is a state-of-the-art fertility facility with a unique approach. The Center has been established to create miracles every day. The facility is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized reproductive and fertility health care to the patients. It follows a three-pronged approach: offer affordable IVF treatment, trained gynaecologists in IVF and conduct research and development. The modern advanced facility is designed to ensure maximum safety and minimal stress to the patients during treatment. The proficient team of experts’ guides the couples from the initial stage when they drop into the Centre and advises them to choose the right options. As a leading destination for fertility treatments, the DPU IVF & Endoscopy Center offers hope to patients around the world. At the Center, your dreams are taken seriously and the team is dedicated to fulfilling and realizing it.

DPU IVF Infrastructure

When patients come to DPU IVF & Endoscopy Centre, we strive to provide the best fertility care, from maintaining the highest medical, scientific and academic standards and supporting them through every stage of their journey to parenthood. The center is spread over 7th floor of the luxurious DPU Hi-Tech Hospital Building. We have a string of private rooms tastefully designed and an ultra modern Labor Room for catering to high risk obstetrics conceived after fertility treatment. In built are 2 futuristic OT complexes, where one is dedicated to Assisted Reproduction Procedures and the other is exclusively Endoscopic OT with 3D Laparoscopic operating system.

Embryology lab is the heart of the center as it's ultra modern and is the “first in India” to be using Time Lapse Imaging for best Embryo selection. Other advanced technologies that we have incorporated are assisted hatching of Blastocyst to maximize implantation, no touch closed ICSI chamber, Spindle imaging technology for maximum fertilization by ICSI among the many others.

Our Vision Statement

As a fertility clinic, we want to help couples from all across India and the world make babies in the midst of difficulties.

We have 24/7 dedicated support team.