Time Lapse Imaging – EMBRYOSCOPE


Very The ability to consistently develop high-quality eggs goes hand in hand with an experienced embryology laboratory and the technologies used. With the experience of clinicians, embryologists, scientists and technicians behind the scenes, our laboratory utilizes innovative technologies and techniques that optimizes fertility success.


DPU IVF AND ENDOSCOPY CENTRE is one of the few centers in the country to possess a Time Lapse Imaging Technology,


groundbreaking, time-lapse incubator with a built-in camera that takes continuous snapshots of an embryo as it grows. Additionally, our new Benchtop™ incubators are the number one reason our embryos achieve maximum growth potential

HOW DO EGGS BECOME EMBRYOS? For healthy women, ovulation is signaled each month when the ovaries release a mature egg. The egg travels from the ovary to the fallopian tube, and there it will stay until it is successfully fertilized by a single sperm. After successful fertilization, the sperm and egg grow into an embryo. The process of becoming an embryo is fast: every 12-14 hours the embryo divides.


Our laboratory at DPU IVF AND ENDOSCOPY CENTRE uses a unique combination of gases in order to create a consistent culturing environment for all embryos. We are able to create a safe and stable environment for embryo development by monitoring a continual data stream from our incubators, thus creating the conditions for embryos to thrive. Thanks in part to our innovative embryonic incubators, we are able to offer our patients improved embryo quality and fertility success rates.

We have 24/7 dedicated support team.