In many infertility cases, half of the problems are because of male infertility. In order to determine the infertility level in males, it is essential to get an accurate assessment of the count and magnitude of healthy sperms. Detailed and quick linear sperm motility is presently the accurate predictor of the sperm performance. By using the latest computer system to perform the semen analysis, more accurate results can be received than manual analysis.

CASA System

What Does CASA Stand For?

CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) is an automated technique to evaluate the video images of sperms by using a strong microscope to find the motility level of each sperm among the population. It is a highly advanced Semen analysis technique that generates more accurate results and is superior than manual analysis of semen motility.

CASA’s accuracy allows our Andrologists to evaluate the diverse characteristics of sperm movement such as its speed, linearity and amplitude of lateral head displacement. This test is a crucial step in suitably treating the male factor infertility. It enables the surgeons to receive highly accurate and consistent lab results.

Benefits of CASA

  • CASA is extremely significant in terms of its various qualitative approaches, few of them are:
  • Greater reliability in determining the fertility level
  • Accuracy that is hard to receive through semen analysis
  • The test outcomes are more objective because of the standardization of testing conditions
  • Motility factors in CASA reports are of wide significance in infertility evaluation in comparison with the outcomes of standard semen analysis.

How CASA Technique Works

CASA is extremely worthy in determining the cause of male infertility. The foremost advantage of this latest method is to accurately determine the sperm concentration and motility that is generally performed by a processed digitizing pill by a magnifier. Computer technology evaluates the sperm appearance and the way it moves.

The computer technology makes it more convenient for humans to precisely evaluate and monitor the micro size species that are involved in the fertility pattern of male partner. CASA helps in identifying the infertile patient who then needs further testing to determine the causes.

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