Closed Chamber ICSI Unit

EmCell Closed Working Chambers imported from Australia, are microscopic work stations that provide long term stable environment (controlled CO2, Temperature, Humidity and VOC free atmosphere) for handling gametes, oocytes, embryos and other tissues dependent on a controlled environment.

During an IVF process the woman’s egg is taken outside for fertilization & due to the temperature variation the egg may receive a temperature shock which might affect the egg quality subsequently affecting embryo quality too.


Our EmCell Chambers ensures that the ideal temperature and CO2 level can be consistently maintained thus ensuring a better tendency to form good quality embryos which result in improved pregnancy results. This technology helps purify air by the use of HEPA & CHARCOAL BASED FILTERS and maintains the ideal temperature of 370 C and CO2 level at 6%, which is very much close to conditions found in mother’s womb.

It also provides a humidified environment to minimize evaporation, thus, maintaining osmolarity and pH of the media used. Hence, the gametes (egg, sperm, embryo) can have the right environment for their growth and progress, which is closest to the natural environment where the eggs and sperm meet in a woman’s fallopian tube. The advancement in reproductive technology demands high standards for cell environment and working conditions and our chambers meet these to provide clean and safe processes, thus, ensuring that the likelihood of success is increased manifold.

We have 24/7 dedicated support team.