IoT technology in the IVF Lab

In the process, IVF labs create embryos which require artificial womb and also factors like temperature, CO2, pH, humidity, etc. in the lab as embryos are very susceptible to even minute changes in these conditions. With the help of IoT platform, we provide labs with accurate data, dual check point, data accessibility from anywhere and intelligent alarm systems. With the help of the Internet of Things, sophisticated sensors and chips are embedded in equipment which monitors and records the valuable data and also transmits in real time.


IoT systems are based on web, application or cloud and also represent data graphically for real time monitoring. With this IoT technology, we can understand better how our system and equipment are working.

The alarm system sends notification via email, automated calls, SMS etc. to concerned people and in case of no response it can also be escalated to senior management. The data collected by an automated system with actual insights without any human bias helps in minimizing errors. This technology allows us to access and monitor data by sitting at home helping us to keep an eye on quality control 24/7 X 365 days.

DPU IVF AND ENDOSCOPY CENTER is using two systems currently regarding IoT platform, firstly IVF Labcare system which take care of different specializations like lab care, lab health, Cyro sense, cold sense, freeze sense etc and secondly Witness system which ensure patient’s confidence about the safety of gametes and tracks length of procedures , exposure of samples out of incubators and person handling the samples.

We have 24/7 dedicated support team.