Reasons to Preserve Your Fertility Today!

1. For a future family

Do you plan to create a family in the future, but now is not the right time? If so, egg freezing could reduce your risk of future fertility problems. Although egg freezing cannot guarantee a pregnancy, it is a useful technique for saving the good-quality eggs of a younger woman for use later in her life.

2. To allow for educational pursuits

Pursuing education and advanced degrees requires tremendous energy, passion, and


devotion to a future goal. Raising a family is equally demanding. Mixing the two can be a challenge. Delaying reproduction is a choice many women make, and egg freezing offers one more option for saving the vital eggs of today for later use.

3.To have time to develop a business or career

The development of a business or career, from first concepts to a successful, ongoing concern, requires time and commitment. Plans for family are often placed on hold. Egg freezing offers a valuable option for delaying conception to the future – after a career is more established.

4.To give your relationship time to mature

Relationships need time and space to develop. Declining fertility with age puts pressure on available time, potentially undermining the foundations of an early relationship. Egg freezing is one way to relieve this pressure, allowing the relationship to grow at its own pace, without the urgency of family building.

5. To reduce the risk of medical treatments that might impact fertility

Cancer therapy, ovarian cysts, and fibroids are among the medical conditions that can influence fertility. Both the illness and its treatments can impact egg health. Egg freezing prior to treatment is a way to minimize the problems with fertility that may result from such treatments.

6.To achieve control over your future

Many women approaching their mid-30s feel some sense of anxiety about their future fertility. Although not all women are certain they wish to have children in the future, many wish to keep it open as an option. Studies with focus groups of single women have shown that women who have already chosen to freeze their eggs report a calming sense of control

Reasons to Preserve-Your-Fertility-Today

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